Fiduciary Representation

Fiduciary Representation

Fiduciaries are people named in the will to settle an estate. This is a serious responsibility, with legal obligations to estate beneficiaries. If these duties are performed improperly, they expose the fiduciary to liability.

Our attorneys have significant experience acting as legal counsel to fiduciaries, including executors, administrators and trustees. We advise fiduciaries on the intricacies of trust and estate administration, always keeping sensitive family and beneficiary dynamics in mind.

We guide fiduciaries through:

  • Distributing assets according to the will
  • Handling claims and paying outstanding debts
  • Identifying and gathering assets
  • Managing estate contests and claims
  • Notifying heirs and beneficiaries of the estate
  • Preparing estate tax returns and filings

Minimize liability and get guidance you can trust